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Severity is a priority, or was it the other way around

By on Maj 18, 2017 in Development, General | 0 comments

When you get incoming requests and/or emergency tickets it’s important to be able to classify these properly to know whether you should stop what you’re doing or possibly if you should be doing it at all. This topic came up in my team the other day and at a prior clients we had a pretty good way to classify this to get a priority together with severity. Often you can see these link up 1-1 but not always. Since I’m in Japan I figured I’d try to post this in as well so I’ll update this as soon as I’ve got it proof...

Communication in text

By on Okt 9, 2016 in General | 0 comments

These past weeks we have focused on planning at my client. We’re figuring out the next steps in the product and this requires a lot of communication. As engineers I find that at times we focus completely at our trade. Often though, good or bad, we spend a huge amount of time communicating. I believe we have to do this. We are more often than not, creating something on request. We usually build products on someone else’s behalf. This means that we have to communicate a lot to understand what’s requested from us. Currently we communicate in use cases, epics, diagrams, user stories, tests etc. It is everything from excerpts in mails to page long specifications. What I’ve found (especially since I remote work) is that, what gets written, rarely gets read. We all know this is true for things such as documentation :). Some times the best way to keep secrets is to put...

My path registered EXE where art thou?

By on Aug 10, 2014 in Deployment, Development, General, Tooling, Tools | 0 comments

There’s always that time when you set up a new environment and want to get to that file registered in %PATH%, like msbuild in the developers console or something. You Google or dir /s and eventually find that files but always wonder, is there not an easier way? ‘course there is: Shell C:where cmd C:WindowsSystem32cmd.exe 12 C:where cmdC:WindowsSystem32cmd.exe Splendid, isn’t it, no more hunting for those nicely registered...

VMWare problems with keyboard and mouse capture

By on Jul 15, 2014 in Development, General, Testing, Tooling, Tools | 0 comments

We’re using a nice vSphere ESXi 5.1 host for a lot of our VMs at work and today I found myself unable to get proper mouse and keyboard capture in the VMs. It just acted really strange, sometimes I could get mouse capture when I was outside the VM and as soon as I pressed any key I lost it again. I tried installing VMWare Workstation, rebooting both VMs and local computer but nothing helped. I finally tracked it down to being Synergy, the awesome tool for keyboard and mouse sharing across TCP/IP. Apparently it was running in the background without me knowing and interupted the signals. I took me a long time to find any post relating to this issue since there are a lot of other reasons for losing capture in the VMs. Because of this I figured the hive mind of the www needed another short post about it. Apparently it’s even been noted as an issue in...

The Web We Want

By on Maj 4, 2014 in General | 0 comments

Mozilla is currently doing an interesting drive for the future of the Internet. Internet and the amazing and monstrous opportunities it has raises enumerable philosophic questions. Mozilla asks you to pick one of six possible categories for what you think is most important for the internet, Opportunity, Accessibility, Freedom, Learning, User Control or Privacy. Amazingly, maybe not surprisingly though, Privacy comes at as a definite first. I do in full agree that Personal Integrity is important but in a system built upon people sharing their lives and experiences I find it odd that Privacy is the most important thing, it´s a bit paradoxical. I understand the fear of anything you post being misused or misinterpreted but maybe this could be rephrased in a better way? Does the problem not lie somewhere else, to protect us from those wishing to misuse the system? I don’t want a...

Sort your list drag & drop in the web

By on Nov 18, 2013 in General, Tooling, Tools, Web | 0 comments

So, here’s the web-a-list-a-sortifier.. Ok, I’m gonna need some work on that name. Anyhow, I needed a way to simply drag and drop some arbitrary textual list, say from an excel spreadsheet and to import and export this list in a nice and simple way. Here is a jQuery driven solution, ready to use here and now: The ”entire” source code can be downloaded here: right click and select download as