You know these times when something just hits you like

I nowadays so rarely code something useful that there is a new version of my plugins available each time I open Visual Studio!?

Well, I just had that exact moment :s

Though, I must say it´s a good thing aswell because some addin-creators really do good stuff and its always a joy to see that they make them even better, so I thought I´d take a moment to show some gratitude to the fine fellows at CollabNet the makers of the free Visual Studio integrated client addin for subversion – AnkhSVN.

The biggest drawback I´ve found in this product is that it´s quite hard to actually find the download link – and that says a thing or two about a software 🙂

It manages your subversion integration exactly like you´d like without any fuzz in between. A simple yet wonderful tool. I love it, and thanks to CollabNet for keeping it free!

Thats enough ranting for me, now back to VS.