Yield Return Dangerously Delicious

I´m a big fan of neat constructs such as the yield return in C#. The yield return allows you to return results from a method line by line instead of summing it up in a list or such. You can see the difference between these two methods: public IEnumerable<string>...

Dangerous cache

Caching is good. Generally speaking that is. However when applied to a legacy system without regard to the actual system, well then it might lock your users out 🙂 Frankly I´m quite suprised we didn’t see worse scenarious. The case We´ve got this site previously...

Entity Framework query sql

Ever tried to build complex joins using Linq with Entity Framework and finally ending up with something you just suspect might be a hell of a lot less efficient than possible? In that moment it might prove useful to get the clean actual SQL your Linq query actually...
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