I recently tried out the JustCompile .Net decompiler from Telerik and I have previously been using both the RedGate Reflector and JetBrains DotPeek.

First up, neither DotPeek or JustCompile compares to previously free Reflector but this is mainly because they´re both new, in a couple of months they´ll probably be better then the Reflector.

These are a few points I´ve found differs:

Jetbrains DotPeek:

  • Faster (load time etc)
  • Using the JetBrains shortcuts etc, it´s much “quicker” to work with and navigate around, simply a native environment for all JetBrains fans
  • Gives a list for loading assemblies from the GAC (very useful since you often need some but not all assemblies from the GAC)

Telerik JustDecompile:

  • Needs registration for download (not a good thing)
  • Feels a bit more stable than DotPeek
  • Provides functions for loading “all” framework assemblies (failed to load ie the PresentationFramework)
  • Quite slow, waiting and searching times of several seconds are not unusual

Summary is that the DotPeek is still quite far ahead but I´m hoping for Telerik to pick up the pace, a bit of competition will only push these two great companies to build us yet better tools 🙂


Edit 2013-03-14:

In a comment below Arnaud Dovi pointed out another important difference between these products. The fact that the code generated from them differs in some cases and this can affect readability of the code very much. JustDecompile sometimes refers to using GOTO-statements aswell as nested IF-s which though logically correct can be extremely hard to understand. In this respect DotPeak wins another point.