I just got a comment from the always as nice Telerik crew asking me to review the JustDecompile tool again (since I might´ve been a bit harsh on it last time) and though I haven’t had time to make a proper dive in to the actual tool yet I thought i´d just mention my first reaction just on the installer.

This is how it´s supposed to look!

After downloading a rather small exe from the Telerik JustDecompile site I´m greeted by the above window telling me in a pretty, understandable and clean interface that I might just be interested in a bit more than what I´ve just downloaded, if not, I´m welcome to just move along with installing what I intended and if otherwise I´m free to check in those things aswell.

Next up it downloads what i´ve chosen and continues installing, all in a smooth and estetichally appealing way:

And that my friends, is how I think an installer should look like 🙂

God I hope I can free some hours to move us away from the dark pit of MSI that my project´s in.

If the JustDecompile Tool keeps this up I´m sure I´ll get my kicks. I´ll be reporting back soon.