Privacy Policy

Quite simple; we don’t store anything.

Your privacy

We don’t know who you are


You have complete privacy

Travel Rates stores very minimal information, just what is required to make sure you can use it fast and simple. That means that the currencies you’ve selected and the last values you’ve input are stored on your phone. We never access this.


Why do we have this document?

Apple requires every app to supply a privacy policy, which is great. As a user you need to know that your data is safe and your privacy is your own.

Forever and ever?

Travel Rates will be updated in the future, to make the app better and smarter. This may mean that we will collect additional information about how users use our system. For example, what kind of currencies are popular and at which times and which kind of amounts people are converting. This is in the future and even when that time comes we will a) let you know and b) we will still know nothing about you. The information we collect will be completely anonymous and used only to help guide us to build a better product.


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