Practicing Japanese

A learning experiment

The JReader app

The JReader app is honestly an experiment. I wanted to build something of my own, release it, market it, monetize it and make it a sustainable business model.

I’m not there yet but it is definitely coming along.


Monthly ~4500 users

Closing in on ad-revenue enough to cover yearly app store developer account costs

Scaling development with freelancers and article contributors

What does it do?

Helps you practice your Japanese by reading about real stuff

As I have been studying Japanese, I have found that there is a lack of easily consumable content for reading.

There are many movies and anime out there that you can look at, but, reading has the benefit of doing it at your own pace and. You also recognize patterns and especially Kanji (Chinese characters), as you go along.

Problem is, pick up any book or even light manga, and there will be many Kanji you might not have learned yet and you’re simply stuck.

That’s where JReader comes in. It adorns your text with a dictionary and with Kanji readings which makes it easier for you to practice. The articles are also written in simple Japanese and aren’t long enough to bore you out.

Honestly, the magic in the app isn’t the tech at all, it’s the combination of features and content.¬†