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BigQuery and firebase analytics cookbook

BigQuery and firebase analytics cookbook

Firebase Analytics is an incredibly powerful tool to understand how users use your mobile or web app. The past year I have been using it to draw insights and help prioritise and improve various functions in our team. Firebase Analytics is mostly good for collecting...

How to download a list of URLs using bash

How to download a list of URLs using bash

Shell (or Bash as it is sometimes called), is the command line prompt of Unix-based systems such as Ubuntu or MacOS and, as we will see today, it can be a huge friend of yours. I have had the pleasure to work with some kings of bash and I was truly amazed bu what they...

Data merge with SVG in the browser

Data merge with SVG in the browser

Taking a source data set, say a CSV with rows of data, and generating a list of pictures or emails inserting these rows of data into a template is commonly called mail merge or data merge. Every so often I find myself wanting to do this. The first time was years ago,...

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If you want to see how I code, get a practical example of something that works and runs I am very happy to share a few of the things I have built this far.

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Since 2008 I have been working through Greycastle or as a full time employee in Sweden, England and Japan. Both in government, large and small companies.


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I also write on Medium. Product management, design and development.

Speed up Gitlab CI by using fewer steps in the pipeline

When I was writing on how to do Flutter test reports in Gitlab Ci I noticed my pipeline was split into three steps: When I first set this up, it felt “prettier” to me. They were all independent and…

Get Started with AB Testing and Remote Configuration in Firebase

I have been wanting to try A/B Testing since I first heard of it many years ago. It just seems such a logical thing to do, to try two things side-by-side, compare them and see which is best.

Segment analytics with Firebase AB testing

It allows you to combine the Firebase remote configuration with Google Analytics to track the performance of your test. I’ve written about how to do this in practice before so here I will focus on a…

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