Some projects and code I can share


Ourstory lets users log in and start co-writing stories by taking turns. You can invite your friends and they will get notifications by email when you have finished your turn. Only the very last part of your writing is shown to your co-writers leading to unexpected and fun plots and twists.

Screenshot of the genre substantif app

Genre Substantif

Studying French, the gender of nouns is one of the challenges you have to overcome. This tool was created to be a quick one-stop place to double check noun genders.

It is built with Vue.Js and hosted on Vercel.


Fruit or Vegetable

In order to prove the disbelievers wrong and make a game out of it, I put together this site to let you guess whether or not tomato (and the other fruits belong to the one or other category.


Built with Ruby but is mostly front-end code



In 2018 I was out backpacking Asia. I found I really wanted something lightweight to help me keep track of all the different currencies. That, plus, being a past-Londoner, Swedish, dating a Japanese and a citizen of a world run by dollars, I figured I could do with something that converts not just between X and Y. XE converter and others does this of course. But, I had now found a good project to learn how to build apps. Also, I found that there’s too few examples of full apps written in Flutter out there so I figured I would build something people can draw inspiration from.


Before moving to Japan I tried to build a next-gen app for learning Japanese. I might not have got all the way there but I did manage to build an app that’s now used by over 5.000 people monthly.


Since I run this live with original content backing it, I can’t share all the code but check out the project page.


A screen from the JReader app
Screenshot of the tagmaker app


A tiny self-contained html project for generating tags for engraving from an SVG base.

It’s made to help reduce the time of generating a base template for the engraving software using an input CSV with labels to engrave.

Check out the post for the project post (and the project itself)