In a current project, we´re using the Web Service Software Factory to generate service contracts.

The concept of visually designing your service is nice but the addin in itself needs a lot of issues fixed before it can be recommended for production line usage.

One thing I noticed the other day was that I got a lot of “Type of ‘xxx’ is not CLS-compliant” -warnings after generating my contracts.

The CLS-compliance mainly means that my classes are not defined in a manner as such that they´re okay to be used in other .Net languages like VB. In my case this is completely ignorable since they´re internal business logic only used in the actual service which is C#.

To remove these warnings if they occur, remove or change the following line in AssemblyInfo.cs:

[assembly: System.CLSCompliant(true)]

I double-checked this with the makers of WSSF and according to them it shouldn’t make a difference to anything else, they also mention a way to change the template that generates this line:

Update 2019-07-29:
This framework and addin has since long gone out of time so the discussion link above is unfortunately no longer available.