Crayon syntax highlighter

In the last post, I switched to a new syntax highlighter for WordPress that I’d like to recommend to the rest of the word, namely the Crayon Syntax highlighter available on the wordpress plugin site: Crayon It’s got a huge set of features, a wide range of...

Sort your list drag & drop in the web

So, here’s the web-a-list-a-sortifier.. Ok, I’m gonna need some work on that name. Anyhow, I needed a way to simply drag and drop some arbitrary textual list, say from an excel spreadsheet and to import and export this list in a nice and simple way. Here...

Abusing SEO

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is based largely on crosslinking. That is, every link on the web pointing to your site increases your chance for a higher page rank. For an example Loopia (my domain provider) just setup a competition in which signing up is made up of...
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