Sort your list drag & drop in the web

So, here’s the web-a-list-a-sortifier.. Ok, I’m gonna need some work on that name. Anyhow, I needed a way to simply drag and drop some arbitrary textual list, say from an excel spreadsheet and to import and export this list in a nice and simple way. Here...
Snowball Excercise

Snowball Excercise

Normally i write about stuff at a very technical level but today I thought i´d raise my head up from the IT-trenches for a minute and reflect about something else for a change. This afternoon I attended a summer-ending/kickoff-thing at my current client...

First pingback

Yay! Greycastle´s got its first Pingback. Thanks out to Craig for actually reading this blog 🙂   It´s a short mention at least.

SkyDrive in 5 minutes, who would have guessed?

Ok, so finally I got the so called thumb out of my so called arse and setup some kind of second backup for all my imagery. I shouldn’t take the real credit though It was my fiance that said “ok now we really should back stuff up”, you just gotta love...

Skype is Microsoft

Just got myself a slight chock. It seems Microsoft has bought or in other ways aquired Skype. It seems a wise move in order to not loose the tight grip they´ve gotten around the social networks in which I´d like to think Skype plays a part. Read more about it at:...


As said: Yuml is a free online tool for generating nice-looking diagrams that allow you to communicate your models dynamically without extra software. Its a great way of easily and on-the-fly generating an image of you mean. We´ve all been using UML and similar...
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