VI in all grace but sometimes we need a little bit more firepower and a few more things in our toolbelt if we want to reach our goal faster. Tools, sometimes easy to use, sometimes with a higher learning curve, can help us speed up our day to day tasks a lot.

A lot of people far more clever than me have their own lists, for example I would recommend you in particular to take a look at Scott Hanselmans great list of tools.

In any case, here is my own collections of things I would recommend to have a look at.

How to download a list of URLs using bash

Shell (or Bash as it is sometimes called), is the command line prompt of Unix-based systems such as Ubuntu or MacOS and, as we will see today, it can be a huge friend of yours. I have had the pleasure to work with some kings of bash and I was truly amazed bu what they...

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Bulk change photo timestamps on mac

I'm currently out travelling and found that I had different time zone settings on my three cameras (phone, GoPro and digital). Easy to fix for next time but all the photos taken this far? Fortunately, *nix comes with command line tools such as touch and in GNU...

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Trying out NDepend

What is this? I got the chance to try out NDepend, although with everything else, it took me quite some time until I finally got around to picking it up. Now NDepend is a tool, both command line, stand alone and as an addin to Visual Studio which allows you to do...

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Keeping it clean

I got around to some cleaning today removing all our project warnings, yes you know which I mean, those nasty yellow things in the bottom of your Visual Studio screen every time you build. The ones we shrug at and say "well, they're just warnings" 🙂 I got most of...

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